Happiness Secrets

It is a secret. Yet you are reading about it here. But this secret is different than any other secret you may have heard about in your entire lifetime. Why? Why is this the biggest secret, even bigger than the book called, THE SECRET?

This secret is the most illusive and the biggest secret because only you know the answer. And still you haven’t found the answer yet, yet I, a complete stranger will reveal the answer to your secret that even you do not know, yet.

What makes you happy? Where does your complete happiness live? Is it expensive? Is it real or fantasy? Is it reachable? Are you able, at any time in your life, even during the hardship times, to make yourself happy? Can you experience real joy? Or are you the person who sits there sullen, complaining about everything and anything in life? What is the true spirit of your personality? What is deep inside your heart, mind and soul? Where is your passion for life? If you had nothing left, what would you want to hold on to? What is the one thing, the one person, the one value that you know in your heart that you will not compromise? What are the answers to all these questions? Where is your happiness and how do you obtain true happiness?

Will you be happy if you march off to a mountain and climb it and get away from every human being on earth? Will you be happy if you go to the middle of the busiest Walt Disney parade and lead the parade through the city streets as Grand Marshal of the parade? Will you be most happy if you join a convent of nuns? Will you be happy if you cook a meal for ten thousand people and serve a banquet and fill the streets of the town with marshmallows and pink balloons? What in the world will make you truly happy? So many of us have such different answers to those questions. It is amazing the variety that we can come up with if we just think about the answers the true answers to the question of what really makes us happy.Some are happy going horse-back riding, while others are happy doing sky-diving or bungee-jumping and still others are happy just listening to the prayers in the Mass that the Pope is saying. What is the true meaning of happiness and what makes us happy and when we are happy will we even know that we have reached our happiness goal?

Personally, I am happy when I am with family and I am happy when I am helping people and helping children. I am happy when I am writing, especially when I am writing something that I know will help others be more creative and imaginative. But these things that make me happy are not the things that make others happy because happiness, true, real sincere happiness is an individual experience and an individual choice. Yes we can choose what makes us happy. Perhaps that’s why happiness is such a interesting thing in all of our lives. Some choose good things to make themselves happy and others choose bad things to achieve a temporary happiness that makes them sadder than they have been before they found their fake happiness. So what is real happiness?


Real happiness is whatever you make it. The question or choice of true, sincere happiness is deep within your mind, eyes, heart, spirit and soul and when these all reach out to the very same thing, then we know what our true sincere happiness is. See all of them must be in connection in order for the real happiness to be the most sincere one that we will know in our lives. When some are separate or have different happinesses, that is when the fake happiness is gained by us, that temporary happiness. For example, a person stands there,sad and sullen, totally unhappy, perhaps fearful and anxious. That person falsely feels that illegal drugs will make him happy. The person’s eyes and feelings and mind are not connected, not believing the same truth. The person’s eyes and feelings want the illegal drugs. Yet, the person’s mind knows and sees and believes that the drug is illegal and also knows that there possibly might be grave negative consequences if they take those drugs. If they didn’t believe it was negative then they would not hide the drug use but do it out in the open, but most drug users and abusers (before they are completely hooked) do their drugs in secrecy; they hide the drugs and they hide themselves from their friends and family while they are doing the illegal act. So, they are not fully connected to themselves, and when they are not truly connected to themselves they can make only negative decisions which always give them false, temporary happiness. So, only negative happiness, fake happiness or temporary happiness comes when a person’s mind, spirit, eyes, soul and brain are separate, making separate decisions.

YOU, only you, know what makes you happy. And when you think you have found your true sincere happiness, you need to ask yourself is your entire mind, body, eyes, spirit and soul connected and agreeing with your happiness choice? If they are all connected then you truly have found your real happiness in your life.

Happiness is what you want to make it and happiness, true sincere happiness will bring you closer towards your goals. When you are truly connected to every bit of yourself, you will make decisions that are connected to the real you and you will begin to experience real happiness. That is your answer. Only you know what makes you happy. So where do you being? How do you start this quest? Do you prance out on your horse, like Don Quixote, fighting imaginary enemies that are windmills? Do you waste any time like that at all? No one knows. Only you know. However, I will offer some ideas, some suggestions, some thoughts that might bring you closer to your goal of finding real, true, and sincere happiness.

Here are some things,events, hobbies and causes you can get,join and follow up on to see if any of these bring you closer to your real happiness. Try some of these (if they sound interesting to you).

  • Go skiing at Banff
  • Find your way to Pennsylvania and go horseback riding through the woods with a guide.
  • Visit the Kutztown Pennsylvania Dutch Festival
  • Work in a soup kitchen or better yet, volunteer for one.
  • Take a city bus ride to the end of the line to a part of town that you have never been to before.
  • Sing in the shower.
  • Start a club. Go to Yahoo or some other online internet provider and begin a club. Make it your goal to have 100 members.
  • Cut coupons out of the newspaper and donate them to the library for their coupon box.
  • Celebrate your birthday four months after the real date of your birthday.
  • Shave all of your hair off.
  • If you can afford it, buy a brand new car.
  • Buy a Happy Meal and save the toy for someone young.
  • Bake a surprise cake for someone.
  • Take a whole week and do not listen to any national or federal news anywhere.
  • Diet only on weekends or during the week and treat yourself the rest of those days.
  • Attend a local festival or parade.
  • Color Easter Eggs in November.
  • Go jogging, walking or hiking.
  • Invite someone to lunch or breakfast.
  • Try and make someone else happy, and in turn, you might share some of that happiness.
  • Visit a foreign country.
  • Sit in a whirlpool for 10 minutes and then go back for 10 more and 10 more minutes.
  • Join a twelve-step program. There is one for weight, alcohol, narcotics, obsessions and many, many more. Choose an appropriate one for you.
  • Dye your hair a funny color
  • Make yourself a second birthday. That’s right. Choose your own birthday. Choose month and year and celebrate your birthday twice a year, first on your real birthday and then again on the day and date that you choose.
  • Register to vote and be sure to vote when the time comes around.
  • Buy your Christmas presents in January.
  • Go around and pick up your stray neighborhood cats and bring them to good homes or donate them to the shelters.
  • If that doesn’t make you happy, round them up and bring them to Save Our Strays.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Buy a towel or t-shirt that has a message on it. Spread your message all over town.
  • Go swimming.
  • Travel to a state that you have never been to before.
  • See a movie at the theatre.
  • Rent a movie and stay home and eat popcorn (even if it is not on your diet).

Do whatever makes you happy. Choose things from this list until you find what really makes you happy. When you are done with the list, start over again and add your own choices as you know yourself best. Be happy. As the song says, Don’t Worry, Be Happy.